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Valduero Wines

Tierra Alta

Respect for the land, natural aquifers, artisan elaborations. Valduero tends to spend energy 0. Each bottle is a work of art.

Élite Wines

Internationally awarded over 95 points in the most prestigious international competitions. Competing with the most expensive wines in the world, they are among the top 3 positions. (Televised tasting in Thailand)

Luxury Wines

Finca Wine

Produced on the estates of “Azaya La Grande” and “Las Barridas”, two high altitude vineyards (+950 meters of altitude) which gives it the particular characteristics of a unique sandy pebble climate and terroir.

IN 2019 IT OBTAINS THE TITLE “WORLD’S BEST WINE BY DECANTER UK” competing with more than 16,000 wines.

White Wines

The first in the production of Albillo white in Ribera. A tribute to this almost extinct variety native to the region, which has become a worldwide benchmark, showing that a great White can be made in the Ribera.

D.O Ribera del Duero

The History of the Ribera del Duero has gone parallel to the union of the vineyard and the wine, to the fruit of some vines that mark its landscape, the personality of its people and its culture. The Denomination of Origin, as we know it today, arises after the initiative of a series of winegrowers and winemakers concerned with promoting the vineyards and the quality of the Ribera del Duero wines.

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